Microsoft Office 365 University Review and Rating

Microsoft Office 365 UniversityLots of gages nowadays have already taken over the lives of many people around the world, but Microsoft has managed in maintaining their hold on how people use personal computers with the remarkable product: Microsoft Office 365 University.

The Microsoft Office 365 introduces a new service which keeps faculties, students and educators connected wherever their location is. Microsoft updated their new product offerings with the release of the Office 365 University. This is great for any academic institutions such as universities or colleges that are capable of using the cloud. Microsoft Office 365 University offers instant messaging, free email, voice chat and group video as well as online editing and viewing of documents.

Educators and students will have the capacity of working on their group projects and assignments in real time with the help of Office 365 University. With this, they can easily edit and view documents as well as share information in Office or a browser.

Office 365 University from Microsoft includes theme variants and templates (wide screen) in PowerPoint. Aside from this, it can also provide additional online video and edit PDF files in Word, documents are easily brought to life, the Quick Analysis Lens of Excel, Chart Animations and Recommended Charts which make it very easy to view the number meanings of documents, online storage and capture through SkyDrive, as well as organize wide information variant in OneNote.

Microsoft Office 365 University Features

– 4 year exclusive subscription for eligible students, staff and faculty in higher education

– Office on two personal computers or Macs and additional mobile devices

– Latest Office applications versions and Cloud Services access

Microsoft Office 365 University is an edition of the Microsoft office 2013 which is based on subscriptions which can be renewed by users on an annual basis. This radical change has a new model when it comes to pricing and it updates their program features on a yearly basis. What is good about this latest version is that whenever a user opens a program, they will use the program’s latest version.

Microsoft Office 365 University is also closely tied into the cloud as you can save to the SkyDrive file storage system of Microsoft by default. This means that the personal settings and documents of the user are accessible remotely. With this, the aim of the corporation is to fend off challengers to the office such as the Google Drive, which provides individuals a way in creating and storing documents online, and share and edit documents with a lot of people.

What is more about the Microsoft Office 365 University is that it gives you a centralized room online you can be able to manage your account, show you where your Office is installed for you to deactivate unused PCs with just a click or to completely cancel the subscription. And even though your subscription to the Microsoft Office University has already expired, you can still access and download your files.

Along with the broad features that the Microsoft Office 365 University has, other significant changes when it comes to programs including the Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Access and Publisher are also present. The new system is good bringing some features that are buried deeper into the menus into the surface in order to be use by people. Aside from these major features, it also presents lots of new features which are created for touch screens as well as new devices that are designed to run the Windows 8 which is touch centric. The Office Web Applications of Microsoft is already updated, stripped down those computer programs where free editing is offered, through a web browser, or documents stored online.

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Office 365 University (costs 80 dollars for 4 years subscription) is readily available for students, staff and faculty in colleges and universities which they can use on 2 personal computers or Macs. The Microsoft Office 365 University structure (cloud-based) will take some adjustments; however, you can save documents to the personal computer. When you open a document while you are not connected into the Internet, a notification will appear which reminds you that the document you are reading is just an offline version. The notification will also tell you when the file was last saved and updated online.

Each of the account in the Microsoft Office 365 University has a free storage of up to 20 gigabytes, but those who use SkyDrive will get 7 gigabytes for every account. This means that a user of the Office 365 University can have 27 GB of storage. With this, Microsoft Office 365 University feels like ready and grown up for the web’s fast pace scenario. It is customized especially for those who utilize lots of devices, which include desktop computers, smartphones and tablets. If you can wrap your brains with this subscription system, the company has this winning program for you.

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