Microsoft Office 2013 reviews and Rating

Microsoft Office has been one of the most advanced programs you can find in the online market. Approximately all PCs, netbooks, and laptops use this technology. Recently, it has introduced the newest Microsoft Office 2013 which comes with the most innovative features that you can expect from an Office program.

Who Could Purchase/Benefit From This Product?

Microsoft Office 2013 is perfectly suited to those people who want to have an easier navigation of the program than the usual Microsoft programs. With its exceptional features, you will surely acquire the best value for your money if you avail the program. This newly produced Microsoft program is primarily designed to suit those gadgets with touchscreen navigation. Thus, it is perfect to be used by individuals who have such kind of gadgets.

Product Description

Microsoft has applied major alterations to the completely well-known programs in Office 2013, which include Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel and Word. Office 2013 is actually the most striking change that the office suite of Microsoft has created since the first introduction of the Ribbon. The most striking feature that you can find in Office 2013 is the gesture support inclusion and the on-screen keyboard that you can accurately type on. This is ideally suitable to those organizations or businesses planning to install tablets as their document viewers.

Product Features

•Each of the applications that are found in the new Office 2013 enables users to pan, scroll, and zoom through gestures. Everyone will certainly benefit from the ribbon-hiding capacities and touchscreen mode, making space between every icon, enlarging them within the interface, which makes them easy to tap.

•The word of Office 2013 is very clean and clear. An easy tap on any of the Ribbon interface carries the thing to be viewed smoothly.

•The Ribbon remains the same but it is made a bit larger than before. This enables the user to hit the controls in an easy way through a touch of your finger.

•It has an embedding content, which adds up to the convenient use of the new program.

•The featured Word of this Microsoft Office Professional 2013 is not just intended for writing, but also for reading. It has the new read Mode, which distributes in the toolbar of ribbon from which it enables you to view documents just like the way they are viewed in a printed book.

•It comes with the new and more attractive looks than the usual.


This newly designed program from Microsoft basically intends to be suitable for business and home use. Microsoft Office Home and Business 2013 had created significant alterations to the well known programs of Office including Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel and Word. It is quite clear that the design cues of Microsoft originated from the Metro format that is applied for Windows8 phone. But then, those individuals who are worrying about the tiled border can be sure that there is no visible Live Tile. When it comes to the Word program of Microsoft Office Professional 2013, the first thing you will observe is the cleanliness of its interface. With the poor interface of the Ribbon, which is instantly hidden once you begin typing, you will be able to focus writing. An effortless tap on any of the Headings of the Ribbon will bring the view smoothly. You simply need to tap on the area of the document in order to begin typing once again.

When it comes to the Ribbon, it still remains the same. The menus of Ribbon remain from which they are organized the known way. Even though, its appearance becomes radically different on the general look, users will not find it completely unfamiliar. The main difference of the previous from the present one is that the buttons of 2013 are quite bigger. They have also been spaced away, which makes it even easier to press the controls just on a touch of the fingers as compared to Office 2010.

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There are high rates for a permanent license and the subscription model is expensive unless the user has 4 or 5 PCs. Aside from this there are no other drawbacks, you can view from this Microsoft technology.

Customer Reviews and Rating

Most of the reviewers of this program gave it a score of 4 out of 5 stars. Most of them state about the easy navigation of the program, which made it exceptionally popular for its utilization.


The Microsoft Office Home and Business 2013 is certainly the finest office set that you can avail on the market. Even if it is quite expensive, it is still something that will give the actual worth to your money. You can take advantage of the utilization of this program, whether for your business or at home. Microsoft Office 2013 comes with a number of new features that you may not find in the previous models. So, if you want to have a cost efficient PC interface, Office 2013 is just your ideal choice.

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Microsoft Office Home & Business 2013 – 1 PC (English)
Microsoft Office Home & Business 2013 - 1 PC (English)
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Microsoft Office Professional 2013 - 1 PC (English)
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Microsoft Office Home & Student 2013 - 1 PC (English)

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