Office 365 for Android subscription requirement

Yesterday, Microsoft finally announced the Office suite of apps for the iPad, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint. But along with the new announcement, Microsoft also made a quiet change to its existing Android app.

Office 365 for Android

Just like its iOS counterparts, the Android version of the Office Mobile app required an Office 365 subscription to actually be used to create and edit documents. Surprisingly, Microsoft has dropped that requirement now, which means you can access the app fully without having to spend a dime.

The app still only lets you create Word and Excel files, with no way to create or edit PowerPoints and all your files will be saved on your OneDrive instead of locally. Also, there isn’t really a version optimized for Android tablets yet. Still, it’s a free app so you can’t complain much about it.


It has only been a week since Microsoft launched its Office suite on the Apple iPad but it has already been downloaded more than 12 million times.

Office installed

Microsoft seems really pleased by this so it went on Twitter to boast a little. Office offers free viewing Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents. In order to edit and create, however, one would need to shell out $10 a month for Office 365 subscription. How many of those has Microsoft secured since the apps became available on the iPad isn’t disclosed.

The free release of its Office suite to the iPad has come as an answer to Apple making its Pages, Numbers and Keynote (among others) free for iOS 7 devices. Google also has its interests covered on the iPad thanks to Google Drive and Quickoffice.

Microsoft did allow editing on Office for Android smartphones even without Office 365 a day after it released its Office pack for iPad, which just shows the dedication of the software giant to extend its reach.

Microsoft Office for iPad is now available in the App Store

After months of rumors and speculation, Microsoft Office for iPad got officially released. The productivity suite is available in the App Store as three separate apps – Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Microsoft Office for iPad

As initially expected, editing documents on an Apple iPad with the new app will require Microsoft Office 365 subscription. Users with no subscription will only be able to view documents via the productivity suite.

Microsoft released a promo video to mark the release of the new app. Check it out below.

Redmond’s productivity suite will be facing strong competition in the App Store. Apple’s own Pages, as well as Google Drive are available on the platform free of charge.

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